System Integrators

First, let's see if we're on the same page. If not, we're not going to convince you that the steward is the home automation integration platform for you. Please read the Philosophy section and then come back to this page.

Back already? We hope you agree with our Philosophy. If not, then the steward probably isn't a good integration platform for you. Sorry!

Otherwise, if you can program in node.js, and if you can think of good applications for the observe-perform loop, then we think that the steward offers you some interesting possibilities. This is largely due to the network effect of an open platform and open protocols.

Note that we don't care if you fork the steward repository and make a whole bunch of proprietary additions. Obviously, if you find bugs, we'd like you to submit pull requests to fix them (as long as you understand that the stuff in the pull requests is going into a public repository).

As a system integrator, you get to deal with both the maker-side and the client-side of the equation. You probably want to check out the links for "thing makers" and "client developers" to see what the steward offers to each type of stakeholder.

Also, you will really want to understand the steward's architecture, so take a look at the Thing Architecture page.

So, click on "Get The Code" below, take a look at the code, and read the wiki. There's also a Google+ community where the steward curators hang out along with the League of Early Adopters.

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