Bootstrapping the BeagleBone

While we have a walk you through for installing the steward on Angstrom Linux. The resulting system works, but is extremely fragile due to third party library problems. Instead of following these instructions we advise you to build a Debian Wheezy distribution instead.

The resulting SD card will allow you to boot both on the BeagleBone Black and the original white BeagleBone.

If you do not want to go through the manual installation steps below we supply a disk image for the Beaglebone. The disk image is the latest version of Debian Wheezy with the steward and its dependancies already installed. The steward will auto-start when the Beaglebone is booted, although especially on the first boot it may take a few moments to start as it has to generate an RSA key on startup. Download the disk image, and install it as you would a normal version of the operating system.