Node gurus

Vive le roi! node.js is the most exciting thing to hit Internet programming in a long time: so much power, so many possibilities, and a vibrant, clueful community. It is also the ideal language for writing the steward in.

With that in mind, neither of the steward's curators claim to be node.js gurus, or experts, or even seasoned. (But, we are enthusiasts!)

If you are a node.js craftsman, then we could sure use your help. There are two areas:

First, we run the steward on the Mac and on the RPi. If you are solid on node.js ports, then perhaps you could try the steward out on other platforms and see what works and what doesn't. For example, we have nothing against running the steward on a Windows system, but neither of the curators run Windows (other than intermittently in a VM).

We spent some time trying to get the steward to run on the BeagleBone Black, but couldn't get all the dots to connect in the package manager. We'll try again soon, but if you do node.js on a BeagleBone Black now, maybe you can educate us (and contribute a little code).

Second, we've tried to make the organization and implementation of the steward as faithful to the node.js model as we can. But if you want to take a look and give us a (gentle) critique, that'd be great. In particular, we're interested in hearing how to improve the efficiency and performance of the steward.