System Integrators

If you look at the "Lots of Things" page, you'll get a sense of where the steward is in terms of drivers. We've written a lot ourselves (and are writing still more as you read this), but we're falling behind! Makers are designing more and more new and exciting things, and we can't keep up.

So, if you want to contribute code to an open source repository, see if any of the unimplemented things are of interest to you. Or, if there's something not on the list that you want to write a steward driver for, more power to you!

We suggest you join the Google+ community and see if anyone else is working on a similar driver. The folks there are happy to help out.

A few words about interpreting the "Status" column on the "Lots of Things" page:

You may notice that there's also a "Clue" column. This is subjective on our part. Every now and then we run across a thing that is really well done, and it's kudos. And, of course, every now and then, we run into something that should never have seen the light of day. These are just our opinions. 'Comment is free', as "they" say.

Oh, before we forget: even if you're not an integrator, but you know of a cool thing not on the list, let the Google+ community know and we'll update the list. Who knows, maybe someone else will want to write the steward driver.

Finally: if you love Insteon or Z-Wave or Zigbee, we're looking for a guru to oversee (and heavily contribute to) steward drivers for those technologies. While our first love remains TCP/IP over 10baseT/WiFi, these three technologies represent the current and next generation of work-horses for home automation. So, please let the community know if you're interested in making a contribution.