Get The Code!

Here's the deal: we wrote the steward, the initial client, the documentation, and lots of examples. We made it all open source. We hang out on twitter and in the Google+ community. We're the steward's curators. We want your help.

If you're willing to write code and contribute it to an open source repository, here's your chance to win a place in history! (And if you want to clone the repository and do a bunch of private hacks, that's okay too.)

But remember: if you do contribute it to the steward repository, there must be no proprietary code nor any intellectual property belonging to someone else. We respect people's properties and request that you do the same!

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How You Can Help

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Clients Under Active Development

For Users   For Developers
Reference client → HTML5/D3
(for your browser)
  Steward iOS Library → iOS
  node-taas-client → node.js
3rd Party Contributions
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